Hu Weiping

Mr. Weiping Hu
President of China Overseas Development Association

Mr. Hu is a university graduate and started work in 1971. He has successively served in different departments of the National Development and Reform Commission(NDRC, formerly called as the State Planning Commission) including the Office of Agricultural Production, the Department of Raw Materials, the Department of Economic Forecasting, the Department of Industry (State Office for the West-East Gas Pipeline Project), and the National Energy Administration(NEA). Accordingly, he held the positions of Deputy Division Chief, Investigator, Division Chief, and Deputy Director General and so on, served a long time in the national administrative departments of energy and economy.

After retired from the public service, and approved by NDRC, Mr. Hu took the office of CODA as the Secretary General in 2012, and promoted to the President in September 2016.

During the term at NDRC and NEA, Mr. Hu was a key drafter of reform papers for the State Council, undertook the work of organizing, coordinating, document formulating and policies research for a series of significant projects such as “the West-East Gas Pipeline”, “the Guangdong LNG”, “the State Transportation & Shipbuilding”, “the Exploitation of the East China Sea”, “the Construction of the China-Central Asia Gas Pipeline”, etc. Besides, he participated in the documentation and draw up for the national papers such as “the Med-and-Long Term Development Plan for the Use of Overseas Oil and Gas Resources”, “the Development of Oil and Gas Pipeline”, “the Development Plan of LNG”, and so on. Meanwhile, He published several essays with themes of “Research on China’s Natural Gas Development and Related policies”, “Optimal Bidding Selection: A New Attempt at Macro-managing of Large Natural Gas Projects”, “Bidding for the Guangdong LNG Project”, etc., winning the Ministry-and-Commission-Level Award for Science and Technology Progress, as well as being named as “Outstanding Civil Servant” and “Progressive Individual for the National Major Programme”.

Since starting the work at CODA, Mr. Hu has been taking the lead of the project consulting for the local governments and Chinese and foreign companies, promoting the membership enterprises to participate in the outbound investment and financing projects. Directed by Mr. Hu, CODA has not only finished the demonstration pilot work of “Sino-Kazakhstan Production Capacity Cooperation” followed through the national strategy of “Global Cooperation of Industrial Capacity”, but also successfully organized a series of international events such as the “China Overseas Investment Fair”. Mr. Hu has been invited to deliver speeches on the issues of national energy and policies at the professional topical forums at home and abroad.