Join the “Invest in Australia” Seminar (Mar. 24th-25th, Beijing, China)

Join the “Invest in Australia” Seminar (Mar. 24th-25th, Beijing, China)

Following the China-Australia FTA, the “Invest in Australia” Seminar will take place in Beijing on March 24th-25th, hosted by China Overseas Development Association (CODA) and China Bridge Pty Ltd.

This event will explore opportunities for both countries, and especially help Chinese companies obtain a greater knowledge of the Australian Investment Environment and Policies.  It will introduce specific  quality projects to Chinese companies, with a primary focus on agriculture, husbandry  and meat processing and real estate.

Date: March 24th-25th,2015

Venue: Beijing, China (Double Tree,Hilton Hotel)

Key themes:

  • Analysis of Investment Environment &Policies in Australia
  • Projects Promotion

Participants (around 100 people): Governors from China and Australia, entrepreneurs from State owned enterprises &Private enterprises in China, representatives from CODA &Media.


Please register by email to:,

Contact us:

Nik Phillips  +(061)411602889

Cai Feng  +(086)15210625207

Co-Host by:

China Bridge Pty Ltd

China Overseas Development Association

China Overseas Development AssociationChina Bridge Pty Ltd


February 12,2015

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