Deepwater Energy Conference 2015 Agenda

Invitation to Deepwater Energy Conference

Dear Sir/Madam,

It is our honor to invite you and your organization to attend Deepwater Energy Conference,which is scheduled to be held by Government of Haikou, China Oversea Development Association and China National Offshore Oil Corporation on 3rd December 2015. Topic is “To be Dominant Player in Offshore Exploration”.

The conference aims to promote cutting-edge technology and equipments for deepwater drilling and seabed exploration. Confirmed guests and speakers include Liu CIGUI,Governor of Hainan Province, Wei LIUCHENG,Deputy Director of Environment Protection and Resource Conservation Committee, NPC,and Zhang GUOBAO,President of China Oversea Development Association. Besides,officials and experts from government departments, SOEs,enterprises and academic institutions will be invited, too. This conference will provide valuable opportunities for developing potential connections and collaborations in the area of oil technology and equipment.

Details of the conference are listed as below:

•    Time: 9:00AM,03-04 Dec 2015

•    Venue: Marriott Hotel

•    Address: 292 Binhai Road,Xiuying District, Haikou,Hainan Province, 570311,China

•    Registration Fee: RMB 2,800 (Candidates are required to bear cost of accommodation, air ticket and public transport)

•    Gontact: Tian Yang: +86 10 63250582;; Zhao Jiasheng: +86 10 63251082;

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