Investment Promotion Plan of Avanguard Industrial Park

Investment Promotion Incentive Scheme for Industrial Logistics Center Construction Projects in Avangard Industrial Park of Khabarovsk Development Zone

Scope of the Incentives

Incentives will be granted to whoever introduces from anywhere outside of Khabarovsk a construction project in support of the “industrial logistics center” in Avangard Industrial Park, provide that, such project shall comply with Russian industrial policies and Far East region supporting policies, meets the conditions for being admitted into Avangard Industrial Park, register with Avangard Industrial Park and pay taxes according to law. 

In general, for each such project, incentives will be granted to only one introducer, that is, the lead introducer. If the lead introducer consists of two or more individuals or business entities, they may discuss and agree how to allocate such incentives among themselves via friendly consultations. 

Identification of lead introducers. After a project for investment promotion is launched with contact details revealed, the first introducer who undertakes the registration procedures and files with the Investment Promotion Department of Avangard Industrial Park shall be identified as the lead introducer. If the lead introducer so identified makes no progress with respect to the project within 6 months after the registration formalities, he/it shall be deemed disqualified as a lead introducer. 

Principles and Criteria of the Incentives

Total investment for the “industrial logistics center” construction program will be RMB320 million. 

The incentives will be disbursed after an agreement is signed to admit the project into Avangard Industrial Park. The amount of incentives shall be 0.2% of the total invested amount of the project involved. 

Detailed information please refer to the Chinese version.