Secretary-General He Zhen Wei went to Chengde Longhua to inspect the Russian-style town project

In order to better serve the membership company, the Secretary-General He Zhenwei, accepted the invitation from the member of vice president of the Association, the China Enterprise Alliance Construction Group and went on a field trip to Longhua County, Chengde City, Hebei Province on July 10-11, to inspect the Russian-style town project. The delegation conducted a site visit. Li Dong, the county magistrate of Longhua County, warmly welcomed the visit from the Secretary-General and the delegation; and briefed the Secretary-General on the economic development of Longhua County and the relevant situation of the Russian-style town to be built.

Accompanied by the relevant leaders of Longhua County, and the Secretary-General visited the proposed site of the project, and said that the overseas associations will make better use of Russia's resources and actively promote the implementation of the Russian-style town project, which is a cultural exchange between China and Russia, and also with the help from local cooperation.

 Liu Na, assistant director of the Overseas Chinese Association of Russian Investors and Entrepreneurs Support Center, accompanied the delegation.