Saudi Investment Project Recommendation Series Ⅱ—Saudi Vision 2030

To build the best future for the country, Saudi Arabia Vision 2030 is based on three pillars that represent unique competitive advantages. The status will enable the country to build on its leading role as the heart of Arab and Islamic worlds. At the same time, the country will use its investment power to create a more diverse and sustainable economy. Finally, Saudi Arabia will use its strategic location to build its role as an integral driver of international trade and to connect three continents: Africa, Asia and Europe.

Saudi Vision 2030 is built around three themes:

A vibrant society;A thriving economy;An ambitious nation

This first theme is vital to achieving the Vision and a strong foundation for economic prosperity. 

In the second theme, a thriving economy provides opportunities for all by building an education system aligned with market needs and creating economic opportunities for the entrepreneur, the small enterprise as well as the large corporation.

The third theme is built on an effective, transparent, accountable, enabling and high performing government.

To clarify Saudi’s next steps, the Kingdom have already prepared the ground and launched some executive programs at the Council of Economic and Development Affairs. Saudi will now launch a first portfolio of crucial programs with the aim to achieve its goals and honor its commitments.

For more details, please visit Vision 2030 website below:

And download profile about Vision 2030 for further information。