Secretary General Mr. He Zhenwei’s visit to Embassy of Brazil in China

On the morning of August 1st, Secretary General Mr. He Zhenwei visited Deputy Chief of Mission, Min. Marcelo Della Nina, and then discussed with Head of Economic Office Mr. Carlos Santana on the investment and cooperation between China and Brazil in agriculture, energy and other fields.

As the largest country in Latin America, Brazil welcomes Chinese enterprises to come and invest in traditional and clean-energy fields, for instance, petroleum, ironstone, photovoltaic, hydroelectricity and so on. Meanwhile, Mr. Carlos hopes to attract more Chinese enterprises to come to Brazil for on-the-spot investigation and investment through CODA.

Secretary General Mr. He Zhenwei sincerely invited Minister Mr. Marcelo, Mr. Carlos, entrepreneurs from all walks of life in Brazil and staffs from investment promotion agency to come and participate the 10th COIFAIR on Sep. 15th and 16th, which can help both sides to promote investment cooperation and economic development.

Besides, Mr. Li Weilian, general manager of Green Giant Energy also attended the meeting and initiated active discussion with Mr. Carlos on many questions like investing in new energy in Brazil.

Ms. Xiao Yanzhe, director of CODA attended the meeting as well.