Notice of Development of Membership of the China Overseas Development Association

Document Issued by the China Overseas Development Association
Zhong Hai Xie Zi (2013) No. 003
Notice of Development of Membership of the China Overseas Development Association
All relevant units:

As a result of the implementation of China's “Going Abroad” strategy, and the continued strengthening of the national economy, Chinese investment overseas has grown rapidly. At the same time however, China faces ever more complicated problems relating to foreign affairs, economy and trade, policies and information. After the Leading Party Group of the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) reported to the Organization Department of the CPC Central Committee for approval, the latter decided to appoint Mr. Zhang Guobao, a member of the Standing Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, deputy director of the Economy Committee under the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, former deputy director of the National Development and Reform Commission and former director general (minister level) of the National Energy Administration, as Chairman of the China Overseas Development Association (CODA, previously known as China Industrial Overseas Development & Planning Association).

At the request of Mr. Zhang, CODA is to begin the process of adjusting and improving its membership service system, and stressing its function of serving its members, particularly in regard to its timely and thoughtful consultancy service for overseas investments made by its members.

In order to properly implement China's “Going Abroad” strategy, to provide services to more Chinese companies investing overseas, and to promote the healthy development of China's overseas investment, CODA has decided to embark on a drive to attract new members throughout China, and so hereby issues this notice regarding this new policy:

I. Target Members

Any business entity or individual having establishments within the People’s Republic of China which has invested, or is planning to invest, abroad, as well as any planning or design committees, research institutes, legal or consulting service providers or any other intermediary organizations related to outbound investment may file an application to become a member of CODA upon examination and verification.

II. Membership Types and Services Available

CODA members are classified into three categories: Vice Chairman entities, Director Entities and Member Entities.

(I) Services Available to Member Entities

1. Member Entities shall be subscribed to the CODA journals, which provide the latest information about China’s overseas investment policies, foreign investment policies from other countries, international investment focuses, the development of China’s investment in other countries, case studies of overseas investment, expert opinions and other specialized information closely related to overseas investment;

2. Throughout the year, CODA hosts a range of forums, seminars and conferences relating to different countries and industries for its members free of charge, as well as its annual ‘China Overseas Investment Fair’. Through these events, member entities will be able to gain an expert understanding of the investment environment and investment policies of different countries (regions), as well as information on various international projects. These also provide great opportunities to engage in face-to-face discussions with officials of investment institutions and entrepreneurs from the countries (regions) all over the world, to obtain information for making overseas investment and to establish necessary interpersonal connections;

3. To enhance Member Entities’ capabilities in decision making and management, heighten their risk awareness of overseas investment and improve their risk resistance capacities, CODA will occasionally provide Member Entities with overseas investment training sessions. Lecturers at past training sessions which cover the professional knowledge of overseas investment include Chinese and foreign government officials, representatives from financial institutions, and experts from globally leading law firms, accounting firms, investment banks, PR companies and other third party service providers;

4. CODA has built, the first bilingual website in China to provide services to Chinese companies with respect to their international investment, as well as to provide highly authoritative and accurate first-hand information on overseas investment. Member Entities using this platform are able to keep updated with the latest information on overseas investment and to seek out assistance in solving problems encountered in the course of making overseas investments;

5. CODA can be entrusted by Member Entities to provide consulting services such as investigating the credit standing of cooperative enterprises and conducting pre-feasibility research on specific projects.

(II) Services Available to Director Entities

In addition to the above services, Director Entities are also entitled to the following:

1. Director Entities, as key members of CODA, may publicize their organizations’ profile on the CODA website (which is linked with the NDRC main website) and the “ChinaGoAbroad” website, so as to build up and enhance their own influence and visibility within the overseas investment sector;

2. CODA will assist Director Entities to utilize its working network with the embassies, consulates and business representative offices of a majority of countries (regions) from around the world which are located in China, to assist in the settlement of any problems they may encounter in their overseas investment activities. When necessary, CODA can also assist Director Members to contact and make appointments with the officials of relevant embassies and consulates in China, or representatives of agencies in China, and facilitate relevant discussions between them;

3. Director Entities are given access to CODA’s consulting services, including interpretation of China’s overseas investment policies, procedures for the approval and reporting of projects, and in coordinating their relationship with the government and relevant financial institutions. They are also given priority over receiving information regarding overseas investment projects provided by CODA and other high-end services such as to further contact, communicate and discuss with the entities carrying out such projects;

4. Director Entities are given priority over obtaining overseas investment project assessments as well as consultation on overseas development strategies, overseas investment project plans and other specialized services provided by CODA. CODA will make use of its close relationship with the government and financial institutions, and will integrate authoritative expert resources from relevant entities and various fields at home and abroad, so as to provide thoughtful and effective consulting services of high standard to its Director Entities.

(III) Services Available to Vice Chairman Entities

Vice Chairman Entities, as the core members of CODA, have the right to make decisions and suggestions on major issues. In addition to the services available to the Member Entities and Director Entities, they will also be entitled to the following:

1. Vice Chairman Entities will participate in the decision-making process in relation to issues such as CODA management, and amending the CODA work plan, principles and articles of association;

2. Vice Chairman Entities will be invited to attend as VIPs, all major events organized and hosted by CODA, such as the China Overseas Investment Fair, as well as other overseas investment forums and seminars. CODA will give priority to arranging for representatives of Vice Chairman Entities meeting and engaging in small group talks with important government officials from China and elsewhere, representatives of major financial institutions and with any executives of world top 500 companies in attendance;

3. Vice Chairman Entities shall on a regular basis be entitled to participate in dialogues organized by CODA which, in partnership with relevant governmental authorities, focus primarily on industrial overseas development. They may also, depending on the situation, provide suggestions on China’s policies and strategies regarding industrial overseas development and to put forward its opinions arising out of the implementation of these policies;

4. If a Vice Chairman Entity encounters any difficulties in the course of carrying out overseas investment activities and wishes to seek out assistance from CODA, the leaders of CODA will make coordination in person, and when necessary, may report relevant appeals and problems to the leaders of a higher level in CODA’s name. To the extent permitted by national policies, CODA leaders will also make great efforts to settle the said problems through consultations with relevant government authorities and leaders of financial institutions in light of the actual conditions.

III. Standard Membership Fees

The annual membership fee for Member Entities is RMB 50,000

The annual membership fee for Director Entities is RMB 100,000

The annual membership fee for Vice Chairman Entities is RMB 200,000

IV. Admission Procedures

(I) Each applicant must send a completed and sealed copy of the ‘Application Form for Admission to the China Overseas Development Association’ (attached hereto as an appendix) to CODA;

(II) CODA will then examine and verify the membership qualification of the applicant and notify them of CODA's response within 5 working days of receipt of the application form;

III) The applicant must then pay the applicable membership fees;

(IV) CODA issues a certificate.

V. Membership Fee Payment

All entity applicants are required to pay membership fees at the appropriate rates to the following account:

Account Name: China Overseas Development Association

Bank Name: China Everbright Bank, Beijing Xicheng Sub-branch

Account Number: 087507120100330007987

CODA Address: 17/F, Tower A, Langqin International Building, 168 Guang’anmenwai Avenue, Xicheng District, Beijing 100055

Contact Person: Wang Kewen, Tian Yang, Sun Yanjun, Lin Xuan

Tel: 010 - 63259011 / 010 - 63259119 - 820 / 010 - 63259119 - 818 / 010 - 63259119 - 803

Fax: 010-63259012



Appendix: Application Form for Admission to the China Overseas Development Association


20 August 2013